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Iran Claims To Have Captured U.S. Drone Over Gulf Waters

Iran is showing footage of a U.S. military drone it claims to have captured. The ScanEagle unmanned aircraft was captured, claims the regime, above Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf. But, says the U.S. military, none of its Middle East-based craft are missing. Mystery!

The machine, with its 10-foot wingspan, is built by Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary, and is a less sophisticated drone than some which are available to U.S. commanders. Last month, the Iranian ambassador to the U.N. complained that his country's airspace was being violated by U.S. aircraft close to the country's Bushehr power facility.

[Image via Insitu]

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  • Vonsony

    people will all ways stick there nose in other peoples business no matter what causing a conflict of interests that's why there will never ever be peace any where with any one so carry on.

  • Kool Shah

    no one wants to admit their security flaw! be it america or iran or any other country... this news is quiet old.