Photo Of NYPD Officer Giving Homeless Man New Boots Goes Viral After Going Up On Facebook

This photo of New York City police Lawrence DePrimo giving a pair of boots to a homeless man has gone viral after the NYPD put it up on its Facebook page. The good deed was snapped by a tourist from Arizona, who forwarded a written description—not, you understand, a formal statement—to the relevant department. The NYPD asked her to email the photo, she duly did so, they stuck it on Facebook and, voila, 275,000 "Likes" and 16,000-plus comments.

Cynics may huff and puff that the story amounts to nothing more than an exercise in rebranding law enforcement online—Jennifer Foster, the tourist who took the shot works as a civil communications director in an Arizona sheriff's office. But maybe it's more than that—strip away the protagonists of the story and you've got an individual act of charity that continues the conversation started in the aftermath of Sandy.

[Image by Jennifer Foster]

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  • Kondo214216

    Yea, It's sure is funny, because his shoes cost a lot more than that. Ironic, isn't it ?
    God Bless All our Police Officers' because I know for a fact that there's a lot more of these great officers out there than there are bad ones. But, that isn't news worthy.
    Who wants a job when you don't know if you're going to be coming home that day or that night. For how much money ? Are you kidding me ? That's it ? No way !!! Not me, not you, then who then ? It's rare that a picture like this got posted. Everybody seems to pop out their cell phones to take a picture when things don't go their way.
    God bless them all !! (especially to the other Officers who do good deeds like this often,but unfortunately, no one had a cell phone handy to snap a picture) Your a nice person Jennifer Foster !!!

  • Jean Gross Mills

    Oh my gosh......two years ago my sister and I were in NYC/Times Square and saw this man standing on the street corner in a blanket, pants and no shoes.  It was a a very cold night. It broke our heart.  We both walked over and gave him money and he looked us right in the eyes and said "God Bless You".  We worried about him after that and prayed he would be ok.  I will never forget the image of him.  This is definitely the same man.  So proud of the policeman who did this generous act for him.  He is a hero in my eyes.  May God Bless him for his Christian act.  Still praying for this homeless man.

  • Berniecyrus

    I wish all Cops could be like this...Yesterday 3 cops in New Orleans got fired and  recently  many have been demoted . The Chief has been linked to corruption of paid details, but here in  the Big Easy many cops are like this guy , trying to  protect citizens from  a very high murder rate . I know they fight hard work with community leaders to salvage the lives of wayward teens. I;ve known many good cops and after living in Covington for almost 13 years, I have seen some horrible cases of police abuse. Lets pray this New York policeman is an inspiration for future law enforcement everywhere!

  • McClellanRobert

    Notice the rack of $100 running shoes behind the cop? Ironic. Love one another, Period.