Meet Tubalr, The Music Video Player That Just Blew Up, Thanks To Reddit

Thanks to an appearance on the front page of Reddit, it's just scored thousands of new signups.

It's a common but annoying reality of watching music videos on the web: Unless you actively build your own playlists, you have to go find a new one to watch every four minutes. But lots of times when we're scouting for music videos on platforms such as YouTube, we're looking to relax as they play in the background while we work or surf the web.

Enter Tubalr, a dead-simple web app that lets you create and stream a constant playlist of YouTube videos. Tubalr isn't just a video playback app, it's also a video discovery engine of sorts. Search for a single artist or band using the "only" search button, or get videos by related artists you might like with the "similar" button. One potential issue is the deluge of cover, parody, and tribute videos that often show up in Tubalr searches for videos by popular artists. (Good luck finding the real Taylor Swift.)

Of course, you can already create playlists and the like on YouTube. But creator Cody Stewart says his goal with Tubalr was to provide the cleanest possible user interface, leaving behind only what you need to easily create playlists and freeing you up to do all the very important things you do on the Internet.

Like surfing Reddit, which is where Stewart posted his two-year-old pet project yesterday. After a few hours, the thread made its way onto the Reddit homepage, which scored Tubalr 5,000 signups in a single day—huge for a service that had garnered 8,000 users over two years.

Stewart says "words can't describe" how he feels about his project's newfound popularity. Perhaps Tubalr can help him say it in song.

[Image: Flickr user Sashi]

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  • daretoeatapeach

    Or you could just listen to a stream, where folks curate YouTube videos on the fly. Here's mine: They even have a Tag Tuner that let's you filter all the videos that users have recently added to their music stream. The good thing is you get them to weed out your covers and crappy bootlegs if you don't feel like making your own list. And you're list is always there to listen to later.

    Still, nifty idea this.

  • The Echo Nest

    Congrats Cody! A developer shapes the way we all experience music once again. We're thrilled you're getting all this traction on the app.