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Following Heated Twitter Exchange, Chris Brown Deletes His Account And Jenny Johnson Receives Tweeted Death Threats

When do social network threats become offline security issues? That question is at the heart of a heated and vulgar Twitter exchange between pop singer Chris Brown and the writer and comedian Jenny Johnson.

Brown, you'll surely recall, is perhaps best known for beating up his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Over the weekend Brown went back and forth with Johnson on Twitter. Things went so far off the rails so quickly for Brown that last night he deleted his Twitter account.

Here's how the exchange began:

Within hours of that tweet Brown was off Twitter and Johnson was reporting a deluge of death threats:

Fast Company emailed the author and photographer Paul Mutton, listed on Twitter as a "White Hat" who helps keep the site safe, to ask what Twitter protocol is when death threats are sent over the network to users.

"Twitter would certainly be entitled to suspend accounts that have been sending death threats, as this would constitute a violation of their terms of service," Mutton emailed. "However, given the vast number of Twitter users, I suspect this would only happen if a complaint is submitted via"

We've tweeted to Johnson to find out if she's filed a formal complaint with Twitter and will update this post if we hear from her.

Meantime, many Twitter users have already weighed in with their own verdicts:

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  • Penny

    Time after time thousands and thousand of people take there lives because of people bullying them. Chris Brown Being called names and talked about all the time via internet. This have to be hurtful to his Mother. Cousin Aunts Uncles and HIM  STOP the bullying.

  • Penny

    I don't think her remark was very smart. Chris did this over 3-4 years ago and he have grew up since then. He is human and it will be very hurtful to have a mistake you made brought up over and over again. Let the past rest.

  • Gloria Geiger

    so its ok to cyber bully as long as everyone agrees with your stance... but when they dont we all start crying foul? Time for everyone to move on! Chris Brown deserves to live his life and move on! I'll bet this woman is a Charlie Sheen fan too!!! Leave CB alone already!! AND NO Im not a teen aged girl nor a woman who likes to get beat... JESUS died for all of us! Not just those self righteous!