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Israeli Military To Citizens: Don't Facebook, Tweet, Instagram Rocket-Hit Locations

Location metadata stored on Twitter and other social media are feared by Israeli officials to be assisting Hamas' efforts and counter-attacks.

Israeli authorities are warning citizens not to post the locations of rocket attacks or air raid sirens on social media. According to a post on the Israeli blog Yid With Lid, Israeli military contacts are telling Internet users not to post attack locations for fear Hamas and other organizations are using social media to triangulate their rocket launches. In press conferences and in media communications, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) usually use the euphemisms "open fields" and "populated areas" to describe the locations of rocket attacks.

Geotagging of posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram makes metadata describing the exact location of a user publicly available. GPS technology allows any outsider access to triangulation abilities that would have been a military secret even 10 years ago. For Hamas, the Israeli military, and other players, access to real-time GPS information on the ground via social media is an increasing reality.

No laws or regulations in Israel prevent Internet users from serving as citizen journalists and posting news on current events in their vicinity.

[Image: The Israel Project]

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  • Shahid

    Have you ever seen maps of Palastine? It was a muslim state and Israel was nowhere on world map. Now you can see Israel all over and you can't even see Palastine on Map. Wasn't that a war? This land was never Israel's land, this was a Muslim land and its been 60 years now Israel is killing Innocent Mulims in Palastine. Can Israel jusfity this?

  • Zigy9in

    I dont get it, If Canada would send 1000 missles into USA, what would we Americans say? Or if Mexico would send missles into the US would we negociate Texas, California and other southern states for Peace? What would you say? How can we blame Israel for defending its people. Are we so blind? We as Americans should call for the dismantleing of Hamas and other terrorists and let the Palistinian People live a life like we do here in the USA. Let them feel Freedom without worring if my son will blow him self up for the sake of the Fat Shiek who tells him its for Allah? Why do these Fat Shielks not send they sons to Blow themselves up?

    Am I missing somthing? Are we still Blind? Let put our hate aside and use our minds.   

  • Gaz Matic

    israel will become as hated as the nazis themselves... they should stop...

    if gaza attacks them, the public will be on their side... that is why they have the iron dome

    but if they attack gaza with such impunity then no one except zealots will stand by them...

    look around the world... israel hate is on the rise... if they stop the shellings now and orchestrate a cease fire then any gaza retaliation would be condemned instantly...

    but instead you have israeli officials calling for the razing of gaza infrastructure, water roads and death and annihilation of its citizens... no sensible person would back israel

  • jke

    Well, someone still has to oust war as the new mayor of The Holy Land, right? Like Mr. Peace, for instance? #4sq

  • xdrifterx

    I'm sure next step will be to shut down outside access of web/cell data in Israel to protect itself.