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$1.5 Million Worth Of iPad Minis Stolen From JFK Airport

The thing about Apple's iPad Mini, you see, is it's small. That fact, among others, allowed thieves to steal about 3,600—or $1.5 million worth—of the new devices during a brazen heist at New York's JFK airport on Monday.

The iCrooks reportedly made off with two pallets of Minis, which had freshly arrived from China, but were forced to leave three more pallets behind after being approached by a JFK employee.

As the New York Post points out, this is not the first time JFK has had to confront security issues. The tabloid notes that in 1978 criminals stole about $5 million in cash and another $900,000 in jewelry from JFK. That crime remains one of the biggest in the cash-stealing history of the country.

While 3,600 lost sales ain't nothing, it's practically that for Apple, which sold about 3 million iPad Minis within the first three days of its release. Some folks, in fact, have been keener on getting their hands on the shrunken tablet, than on just about anything else.

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