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Android Dominates Smartphone Market In China

Smartphones running Android dominate China, according to a new survey. Market share of Google's OS has almost doubled in 18 months, from 46.8% in Q2 of 2011 to 90.1%, says the report, from Analysys International. The real figure, however, could be even higher, reports The Next Web, as the survey only covers sold and officially owned phones: What about all the knock-off versions?

Of the other operating systems, Nokia's Symbian was the biggest casualty. Actually, non-Android software barely figures: iOS has dropped from 6% to 4.2%, but remember that the iPhone 5 has still not gone on sale in the mainland. Given Android's strength, however (and bear in mind that it's the OS that most China-centric services are built on—both Baidu and, almost certainly, Alibaba have Android-based software) don't expect its arrival to put much of a dent in those figures.

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