The DeLorean Is Headed To The Future With Electric Cars

The new electric DeLorean--like the car from Back to the Future, but electric, and thus suitable for the future--will roll out in early 2013. Just, uh, don't mention its past.

Fast Company: The car's 0-to-60-mph performance is 4.9 seconds. Do you know what the 0-to-90 time is?

James Espey, VP of DeLorean: Is this a play on the Back to the Future 0 to 88?

FC: Yes.

JE: We don't. We've never timed it. We've tried to distance ourselves from Back to the Future.

FC: Why is that?

JE: For legal and other reasons.

FC: What sort of other reasons?

JE: We don't want to be known as the makers of the Back to the Future car.

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