The Politics Of Twitter: So Far Today, More Tweets Include "I Voted For Obama" Than "I Voted For Romney"

It's election day in the U.S.A., and I've spent my morning doing what any good, patriotic, dorky journalist does on a day like today: I've been playing around with election-related search terms online. Here's what I found when I used Topsy to compare the number of times Twitter users tweeted "I voted for Obama" or "I voted for Romney" so far this morning:

Does this suggest Obama is winning the popular vote? Probably not. This graph isn't that surprising, given the fact that a Social Habit report found only 22% of Twitter users consider themselves to be Republicans, while 40% of Twitter users self-identify as Democrats.

Plus, here's what I found when I compared 'I hate Obama" with "I hate Romney":

Meanwhile, Facebook has posted a live voting map which represents "people on Facebook who clicked an Election Day prompt to share with their friends that they're voting in the 2012 US election":

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  • BZimmer

    It appears you've nodded to this already, but this data is the kind of deeply specious nonsense we'll be enduring on NBC in a few hours.  As a  habit, conservatives tend to play their politics closer to the vest anyway, not to mention the conservative tilt as persons age (read less likely to tweet.)

  • Cerikn

    This is perhaps the dumbest headline I have read in this magazine.  First of all, there are probably a disproportionate number of Obama supporters on Twitter than Romney supporters. Second, as Chris Logan stated below, you would need to assume that the two candidates' supporters tweet at the same rate.  

  • Chris Logan

    To derive any meaning out of this trend, you would need to assume that Obama and Romeny voters tweet at the same rates.  I don't believe that this is true whatsoever.