Android Now Accounts For 75% of Smartphones

New figures released by the IDC yesterday show that Android phones dominate. Three out of four smartphones that were shipped in Q3 of 2012 use Google's OS, says the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker—that's 136 million of the 181.1 million units between July and September.

With worldwide smartphone use currently at one billion and rising—as of February 2012, 46% of the U.S. population owned a smartphone, a rise of 11% from the previous year's figures. As regards smartphone use throughout the world, 40% of all mobiles shipped in Q3 of 2012 were smartphones.

[Creative Commons image via Flickr user quinn.anya]

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  • JD!

    I guess one company dominating is a dangerous sign. It will seriously limit the invention in this sector in another 5 years if this trend grows...

  • Grant Wills

     It may not have motivated Apple to pull finger but it sure has moved Microsoft. We are now seeing Win8 mobile devices with Intel 15 processors. Tho mac is looking at new 4 core chips to speed things up but you will have to wait till next year or longer. Samsung is releasing a new Galaxy S4 after Christmas & has released a Windows 8 phone this week.

  • Zomby2D

    Fortunately, unlike Apple, Google has kept innovating year after year to stay ahead.