The New York Times's Website Blocked In China Following Wen Jibao Report

A report by the New York Times identifying assets held by Wen Jiabao's family has resulted in its website being blocked in China. The newspaper has produced a nifty flowchart/family tree that reveals that Wen's mother is sitting on $120 million of investments, and that his brother, son, and brother-in-law have all benefited from their family connections.

A page on the BBC on the censorship was, itself, blocked, with the Chinese state calling the NYT report a "smear." Posts by users on Sina Weibo were also removed. Such a move is not without precedent. Earlier this year, Bloomberg revealed the wealth held by family of Wen's successor, Xi Jinping. It too was blocked.

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  • mangochutney

    This is stereotypical evil—also guilty—empire behaviour.
    With stories like this I never know whether to laugh or cry, because on the one hand the Great Firewall of China is more sophisticated than most people would assume, on the other hand it's close to impossible to keep information like this from the public.