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Apple's Apology To Samsung: We're Cool, You're Not

Update: A court of appeal in the U.K. has just reprimanded Apple over the acknowledgement post it had been ordered to publish (note—not "apology"), stating that Apple wasn't compliant with the original punitive ruling. It must now, within 48 hours, republish the statement on its front page instead of via a small hyperlink on the front page, in at least 11-point font, and change the wording—which had added to the details the original ruling required. This ia another tiny detail in the fight with Samsung and, according to the Guardian, it's because the appeal judges "indicated that they were not pleased" with Apple's original statement. You can choose your own conclusion as to whether Apple was merely being clever or overly cheeky by noting the personal nature of the judge's complaint.

Remember earlier this month, when Apple lost its appeal in the U.K. against Samsung for a High Court ruling earlier this year? Well, on the bottom of the home page of Apple's U.K. website is a little linky that says "Samsung/Apple judgment." Click on that and up comes a linguistic masterclass in how to say sorry without, um, saying, er, sorry.

The letter, which will be visible on the site for a month, starts off with the usual legal guff. And the next para is a direct quotation from the judge's rulings. The iPad, it surmises, is a "cool design." And then, onto the third, talking about Samsung's products. They, apparently, "are not cool." Then there's more legalese, with a zinger in the final paragraph. We may have lost this one, to paraphrase Apple, but go to Germany, because that's where Samsung were found guilty of gadget plagiarism. SO THERE. (Samsung are probably too busy celebrating record profits to care.)

Perhaps this is how they should have done it.

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  • Mt__goodman

    Print it out and show it to someone without telling them it's an apology.  See if they conclude if it is a apology.  I wonder if a lawyer would recognize it as an apology.

  • Jake Etheridge

     As far as I'm aware, the judge ordered that Apple publish notifications that Samsung did not infringe on its patents. The High Court did not rule that Apple should apologise.

  • mangochutney

    Actually they said that the court said these things. They simply didn't disagree.

  • mangochutney

    Good on them I say. Forcing Apple to apologise to Samsung, when several courts in other countries found Samsung to have wilfully copied Apple's design seems silly.

    It reminds me of a spat between two kids in kindergarden, where the kindergartner forces one kid to apologise to the other, not really understanding all the details of the quarrel.

  • shm224

    fanboyism = lying?

    several?  The only other court that sided with Apple was the Dusseldorf Court in Germany, known as the Eastern District of Texas for its patent troll friendly courts.  Even then the Dusseldorf court found NO INFRINGEMENT - the court granted injunction against Samsung on Germany's esoteric "unfair competition" law.

    Most courts outside those two, the Netherlands, UK, Japan, Australia, Korea (partial) sided with Samsung.