Mepedia: LinkedIn For The Desperately Unemployed Generation

Hip, young, and unemployed? Mepedia thinks it has the answer for you.

The average LinkedIn user is 44. Therein lies the tragedy of trying to navigate the white-collar social network as a member of the Desperately Unemployed Generation.

So Mepedia is trying to become "the LinkedIn for millennials," by creating a networking site that, if the scruffy tattooed gentleman on its splash page has any say, is for the young and hip only.

The site, created by marketing guru Tom Hayes, certainly feels like it would be appealing to a younger userbase. Rather than focusing just on making career connections, Mepedia breaks up its network to showcase different parts of your overall persona. You can create different collections to keep track of people who are "Need To Hires," and subjects you're interested in such as "design" or "art." A Path-style timeline lets you track a person's activities, whether that's a track they listened to or updates they made to their portfolio or resume. And instant networking tools let you connect to others immediately.

A Mepedia spokesperson says the site is attempting to provide a solution for tech-oriented young people who just don't know how to apply their Internet savvy to finding a job.

The site's currently accepting sign-ups, but it's not open yet—a spokesperson says it will go into beta in the next month—but Fast Company got a look at some early mockups, below:

[Image: Flickr user dgies]

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  • John Valentine

    Just spend some of your unemployed time learning how to use linkedin, or going on all the free courses people run.

  • Jay Weeks

    The problem with a social network aimed at the desperately unemployed: How many employers are on it? My guess is not too many. Young people should develop skills to put themselves in a position to become employed. By being on LinkedIn, you are going to where the employers are looking. The website seems to be based on the notion that "If you are young, you just can't get a job". I know from personal experience; that's just not true.

  • Bkii

    I disagree with ZeZe. Linkedin is the first source for hiring for most traditional HR organizations. Not sure what your assessment is based on, but facts are more appropriate !

  • ze ze

    LNKD is over with
    just like MONSTER..these a fad companies that have a limited time to explode on the market

    LNKD has hit saturation already

  • AldenJole

    Maybe LinkedIn isn't useful to the "Desperately Unemployed" generation because they're not on it. It's odd to say that a group is having trouble navigating a social network they aren't using.