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UN Anti-Terror Report Calls For More Internet Surveillance

A UN report entitled "The Use Of The Internet For Terrorist Purposes" (PDF) has set the organization against privacy campaigners. Released yesterday at a conference in Vienna, the 148-page document suggests more surveillance of the Internet, retention of data by ISPs, as well as an increase in mobile tracking.

The modern terrorist is aided, it says, by social media, VoIP providers like Skype and the file-sharing sites Dropbox and YouTube. Documents from a similar EU initiative, CleanIT, were leaked last month by privacy campaigners worried by the proposals of Internet filtering and virtual policing.

The report also cites the case of particle physicist Adlene Hicheur, a scientist at Cern, who was jailed earlier this year for his part in an Al Qaeda terror plot. In order to gather the evidence needed for a conviction, French police had to crack a quartet of encryption codes, track a sophisticated payments network, and smack down an IM encryption system.

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  • Collectif Hicheur Support

    We repeat what we have just posted elsewhere:

    Don't mislead the
    reader on the case of Mr Hicheur:

    First: Mr Hicheur was
    released and _not jailed_ last May after 2 years and a half of
    pre-emptive detention and a masquerade called "trial" in

    Second: all the common
    people who supported Mr Hicheur, know Mr Hicheur, who studied the
    case of Mr Hicheur, and finally attented the audience, all these
    people witnessed that the case was clearly a manipulation and an
    abuse. No clear accusation on a precise offense, no material
    elements, no proof of any "positive act" that could be
    characterized as an offense, before even talking about such a heavy
    accusation as "terror plot". There are many links of
    independent reports by members of the scientific community (who
    attended the so-called trial) showing the REAL plot, which is the
    case fabricated against Mr Hicheur.

    Third: Based on the
    same elements of the case, Swiss justice has cleared Mr Hicheur a
    while ago whereas the French "system" found himself forced
    to justify the pre-emptive detention and all the garbage spread about
    Mr Hicheur by the mass media.

    All the story is about
    the sacrifice of a scapegoat for the sake of a nasty securitarian

    His lawyers will be
    informed about what is written in your article.

    Final word: Leave Mr
    Hicheur alone and let him rebuild a life after the traumatism he has
    gone through.