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Conference Calendar November 2012


KEY: Rate of Learnability/Schmoozability/Costability on a scale of 1-12

3: AMIA 2012 Annual Symposium, Chicago
The American Medical Informatics Association gathers to discuss the power of information in public health.
Rating: 8

4: New Developments in IT and Water, Amsterdam
Industry leaders look to information technology to improve water treatment systems and lower environmental impact.
Rating: 10

6: Social Mobile Payments: Americas, Miami
Bankers, entrepreneurs, and analysts come together to examine how mobile-connected consumers shop.
Rating: 10

7: 15th Annual International Anti-Corruption Conference, Brasilia, Brazil
Corruption be damned! This global forum looks to bring honesty back to government, economics, and the environment.
Rating: 11

8: State of Now: SmallTown, Hutchinson, Kansas
High tech doesn't always mean big city. Learn how modern communication tools impact small-town life at this big-idea conference.
Rating: 9

14: Media and Learning, Brussels
Learning should be fun. Media is fun. Hear how the two come together at this annual conference on the future of creativity in the classroom.
Rating: 10

21: London Games Conference 2012, London
No, not those London Games. Industry leaders in gaming gather to talk distribution platforms and social media marketing.
Rating: 9

28: Technology Supported Learning and Training, Berlin
This gathering presents the latest research and technology for learning in the corporate, education, and government sectors.
Rating: 12

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