Murdoch Cools Down Hostilities In War Against "Parasite" Google

Rupert Murdoch is to perform a volte-face on his decision to pull his publications' items from Google's search engine in the hope of garnering some extra revenue. The news suggests that the Australian-born U.S. citizen has admitted defeat in his war against the search engine and understands that the original decision, made over two years ago, has harmed his papers' growth. But it's not a case of ripping off the filmy negligee (surely thick flannel pajamas? The Editor) of his publications' paywall negligee to reveal his buxom news operations as nature intended. Why on earth would the Dirty Digger, as the U.K.'s satirists have dubbed him, provide content for free?

The cunning plan is to provide users who click on a Newscorp-produced link on Google with a two-sentence preview of the web page, thus keeping all the details of the story chaste behind the Newscorp paywall. Interest piqued by the two-sentences? A link will lead you to a subscription page: web-only for £2, web and iPad for £4, or all-inclusive print subscription for £6.

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  • Reality

    You underestimate News Corps and the out reach it has. The New York Times just implimented the same thing. So far, its bringing in subscribers... Youre forgetting, the ipads and phones are now the new newspaper delivery system and within a couple of years, ppl will get use to paying for news content again as more and more publications are taking this route.

  • Gerardd

    It wont work. NewCorp is already having trouble drawing in crowds to read it's free content, what makes  Mr. Murdoch so sure strapping on a subscription fee will make things better?