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Apple Comments On Maps Debacle, Compares Product To Fine Wine

Apple has commented on the furor about its Maps software and has said that the service "will improve." Although some of the more hysterical tech commentators are relishing in the firm's discomfort, it doesn't seem to be threatening today's launch of the iPhone 5— a Loch Ness Monster-sized queue snaked around the Westfield mall in West London this morning. Anyone who set foot inside the store was left reeling by a deafening roar from a dozen or so cobalt-colored Apple workers. Didn't they have customers to serve?

It's not the first time Apple has run into a negative media storm—remember Antennagate two summers ago? Now, as before, it's the tech naysayers who are, frankly, a bit bored of the iPhone—there have been no dramatic mutations in the five-year life of i for them to write about—and what Tim Cook and the rest of Apple will be waiting for is to see how it pans out with the customers. It's already broken sales records, don't forget.

Anyone who is waiting for Google to bring out an app for its maps might like to re-read yesterday's survival guide on Fast Company, as Mountain View has a rather vague ETA of sometime before Christmas. Anyway, if you think it's bad, spare a thought for iOS 6 users in China. This is the view that they get from Apple Maps.

Meanwhile, the firm has run into another row this morning, apparently, with a Swiss watchmaker taking umbrage at Apple's new clock face on iOS 6. Is that the gentle rustle of legal papers I hear 'pon yonder mountainside?