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France's Piracy Law Gets Its First Scalp And Proves Its Unworkability

Anti-piracy legislation passed by France's much-missed ex-President Sarkozy has claimed its first scalp - amid some controversy. Alain Prevost, described by French media as an artisan who couldn't download his aged grandmother from the garage roof with a forklift truck*, was fined 150 Euros, despite the fact that it was his wife - whom he is now divorcing - who did the dirty deed, namely illegally downloading two Rihanna tracks. The kick in the teeth for Prevost, a resident of Belfort, was that, since the Internet account was in his name and paid for by him, he was responsible.

Under Hadopi Law, as it is called, Prevost received a number of warnings from his ISP, but several of these remained unread as he had already closed down his Internet account and was unable to access his emails. Summoned to a police station, Prevost's suggestion was to chercher sa femme, but it didn't wash and he was taken to court.

*Something may have been lost in translation

Creative Commons image via Flickruser Sam Collart

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