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Google's YouTube App Adds Advertising To The Equation

Google has released a brand-new YouTube app for iOS 6 just one day before Apple is due to launch the latest iPhone. Although the move seems like a step backwards for the Mountain View company, as previous iPhones came pre-loaded with YouTube, it's actually a step forward, as it means that subscribers will be able to monetize views from the lucrative mobile market, which brings in a quarter of YouTube's daily 1 billion hits.

YouTube's pre-installed absence from iOS 6 is old news, as is that of its sister system, Google Maps. Apple is replacing this with its own navigating tools, which uses data from Netherlands-based firm TomTom, among others. Google, however, is not taking the loss lying down and, in a recent interview by the BBC, Maps chief Brian McClendon hinted that there was no reason why the search giant would not create a separate Maps app for iOS 6 devices.

The downside is, of course, that users of iOS 6 will have to remember to download the YouTube app onto their cellphones, but the app means that more of its videos will be available to watch—and subscribers may find their pockets a little fuller.

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