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Google Glass Hits The Runway At Fashion Week

Google made an impressive catwalk debut yesterday during New York's Fashion Week, teaming up with Diane Von Furstenberg. The designer is using the Mountain View firm's Google Glass project for a behind-the-scenes film of her S/S13 collection, which will be screened on both her Google+ page as well as on YouTube.

As models made their way down the runway teaming the $1,500 spectacles with matching candy-colored outfits, they filmed the proceedings. The short film, "DVF Through Glass," will be available to watch on Thursday.

"I am so excited to introduce Glass to the fashion world and use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion," said the designer. Google's Sergey Brin, who was spotted at the show with his wife, Anne Wojcicki, and who heads up Google's Project X department, professed himself "delighted" with the collaboration, adding, "beauty, style, and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology."

The glasses enable the wearer to send texts, take photos, and give and receive directions. Even Rupert Murdoch, no friend of Google's in the past, was impressed.

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