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Pan-Islamic Facebook Competitor Salamworld To Launch In November

A joint Russian-Turkish startup is attempting to take on Facebook in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Muslim-majority countries. Their secret sauce? Automatic translation capabilities and differing religious censorship settings for each national market.

Facebook's latest competitor is a pan-Islamic social networking site with unique special sauce: Differing censorship settings for countries with different religious restrictions. Russia- and Turkey-based Salamworld wants to build themselves up as a religion-oriented, family friendly social networking alternative where discussion of sex or risqué matters is strictly forbidden. The site will debut globally in November and is currently in semi-closed beta; visitors to Salamworld are currently greeted by an advertisement protesting anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar. Content is available in English, French, Turkish, Russian, Malay, Persian, Arabic, and Urdu; translation tools are also built into the site. Salamworld's deputy CEO, Ahmed Azimov, is a Dagestan native with close ties to the Russian government.

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