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New Cable Network "DogTV" Airs Programming For Stay-At-Home-Dogs

American dogs live a life of luxury: Owners spend nearly $4 billion a year spoiling their pets. Now, cable network DogTV airs programming to stimulate and soothe "stay-at-home dogs." What does that look like? We didn't know either. Test your knowledge—are the following shows for people or pups?

1. This extreme dog gets his exercise by catching a wave.

2. A run through suburbia creates owner-dog bonding time.

3. These urban pups travel in well-groomed packs.

4. Both baby and dog buckle up for safety en route to the store.

Answer Key: 1. Dog: DogTV's "stimulation" rubric shows dogs in action. 2. Human: NatGeo's Dog Whisperer helps owners discipline their pets. 3. Human: CBS's Dogs in the City follows "dog guru" Justin Silver resolve issues between pet and owner. 4. Dog: DogTV's "exposure" rubric shows day-to-day activity.

© MPH—Emery/Sumner Joint Venture/NGC (Dog whisperer); Heather Wines/CBS, © 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved (Dogs in the city)
[[i]Image: Flickr user [url=]John Kratz[/url][/i]]

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