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My Favorite Bookmarks: Karen Wickre

Picks from the Cofounder of Digital Queers.

Who: NetQueery Producer, PlanetOut ( and Cofounder, Digital Queers (


Favorite Search Engine: Yahoo! (

Surfing Manifesto: I always check out the "links we like" on various sites to find new stuff.


Savvy young women rant and rave and hit raw nerves about (what else?) the mysteries of gender.


A gay & lesbian media watchdog.


Ultra-fabulous satire that future anthropologists will yearn to decipher.


Appealing Net shopping.


I admit it: I print out these handsome pages to read in bed.


Amazing searchable list of more than 65,000 discussion and announcement lists and newsgroups.


Voyager's downloadable library of distinctive fonts.

The Onion

Loads of cheeky commentary and great headlines like, "Dalai Lama decks photographer in disco melee."

The Sober Witness

Why I love the Web: Designer and Web jockey Jason Moore cares about getting under the hood.

A version of this article appeared in the April/May 1997 issue of Fast Company magazine.