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Twitter Takes The "Tweet" Out Of "Promoted Tweets"

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Twitter advertisers can now create localized Promoted Tweets without tweeting to everyone everywhere first.

An airline that wants to promote a deal for flights from New York City, for instance, previously would have been required to tweet the deal from its account before paying Twitter to promote it in New York City. In the process, it would have pestered followers who weren't New Yorkers with a deal that didn't apply to them. Now it can skip the tweet from its account and just create a Promoted Tweet in the city it wants to target. Advertisers can also decide to target users based on whether they’re logged into Twitter from a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Twitter has been quietly testing the option with a handful of global brands including British Airways, Coca-Cola, The Washington Post, and Wendy’s. Starting Thursday, all advertisers who use Promoted Tweets have access to it.

As Marketing Land’s Matt McGee points out, the new option changes Twitter’s Promoted Tweets into a more traditional advertising product: "It sounds like a subtle difference, but it’s a fundamental change in how advertisers can reach consumers on Twitter," he wrote in a blog post.

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  • emon

     There's a big debate going on all over the net right now about buying
    facebook fans, twitter followers, youtube views etc. Some people think
    it's morally and ethically wrong or cheating. Others don't see a problem
    with it. For businesses I know why they do it, if someone looks at
    their page and sees they have just 12 fans they probably aren't going to
    follow or pay much attention. However if they have 12,000 fans then
    people are more likely to take notice. It's all about 'social proof' and
    I myself are guilty of purchasing them.

    Like it or loathe it there's no doubt it will continue happening and if
    you do buy facebook fans, twitter followers or youtube views make sure
    you buy from a reputable company as some will get you banned or
    suspended. The only one I have experience with and can confirm won't get
    you banned is but you use at your own risk of course.

  • Scott Bradley

    These customization options for advertisers using twitter are definitely a step in the right direction for sure. It will be interesting to see how this service is adopted over the next 6 months.