HTC Profits Fall Nearly 58% On U.S. Customs Ban, Weak Sales

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HTC has just reported its second quarter finances, and they're terrible: Profits slipped 57.8% on the same period last year. In fact HTC reported that consolidated sales for June were down $30 billion on the same period last year, 33.4%, and flat from May. The poor performance that lead to an equivalent quarterly profit of just $248 million is being blamed not only on the U.S. customs hold on HTC smartphone imports—a case HTC lost against Apple—but also on weak smartphone sales in Europe, which is a far trickier problem for the Taiwanese firm. HTC has been consolidating its product releases to concentrate on fewer, better-branded handsets and there have been recent rumors it's interested in making its own smartphone processors with ST-Ericsson in a further attempt to emulate Apple strategy.

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  • Richard

    I can understand the problem - terrible customer service.  I have had 3 HTC's, but the last one 9Sensation) has been nothing but trouble and HTC can't or won't help.  Like hundreds of other users, volume rocker broke off but HTC won't do anything for you (phone is not a year old yet). Bought a new back to get new volume rocker, then the earphone speaker packed up, no help from HTC, got that fixed privately at my own expense again. Now the screen 'menu' button won't work at all, and the 'back' button is very intermittent. The phone has ALWAYS been in a case, always looked after, not a scratch or mark on it, never got wet or anything.  I've just bought a Samsung SGS3 and won't be buying HTC again until they sort out their manufacturing quality and their customer service.

  • ignacio_mobincube

    Samsung seems to be taking every previous HTC users.
    I don't understand why HTC is having trouble. They've always made good smartphones. Maybe their marketing department is not as good as the R&D one.