Finally, iTunes Is Getting A Huge Makeover

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Via Bloomberg: Apple will give iTunes its most radical makeover to date, sources tell Bloomberg. Apple hasn't changed much about iTunes since it launched in 2003, but sources say the new version, due by the end of the year, will have tighter integration with social networks (long live Ping), better sharing and discovery features, a la Spotify, and better iCloud integration for cross-device consumption for the millions of Apple product users who use iTunes as their one-stop shop for music, movies, and television shows. That last feature will only become more important for Apple moving forward as competitors such as Google and Amazon beef up their own entertainment stores and on-demand services such as Spotify and Netflix offer consumers different media experiences.

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  • VanEngine

    iTunes has been too bloated for too long. My idea: a simple fast-loading sync/mangage app would be great (iHub?). Then let iTunes & the store be linked to the hub app, but not always on or loaded.

    Apple bought couple years ago - they haven't integrated much into iTunes yet. I used to enjoy that site: listen to anything once for free; buy a cloud version for 10¢; anytime pay 90¢ more for MP3 download. Apple has now has to fight or embrace Spotify!

  • Cgess_2000

    The makeover should include a vast improvement in security. The iCloud hasn't yet been made secure enough.

  • Fetishized Irony

    AGGHHH PULL MY EFFING HAIR OUT I DONT WANT ANY OF THIS SH*T AT ALL AGHH - this basically says, Itunes will become a more PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODEL - Tell Me "makeover" when Itunes allows you to organize your files as you please and allows drag and drop - AND ISNT ASKING TO UPDATE EVERY THIRTY MINUTES!! SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY MY ASS! Im Gonna Lay It FLAT - Ipods have an awesome interface ONCE THE MUSIC IS ON THEM everything before and after is a headache I. P I R A T E. M U S I C. Do I Have to spell it out? Its like itunes has this smug little halo over its head "yeah well make it easy on you, if youre an obedient little consumer!" 

  • Ftdonato

    It is a great thing! Since Spotify was in my computer, iTunes became almoust useless.

  • Harry

    Right?  I had the same exact experience.  I don't use the premium version, and I frankly don't mind a commercial every now and then.  I also enjoy the fact that many of its ads are for newly released music which I often end up listening to.

  • Send2

    The redesign sounds like they are totally missing the mark. Updating it for social networking is not what people are looking for. People are looking for something that makes it radically easier to manage their media content which this article never mentioned.

  • JC Carter

    Hope that they don't make it a bigger POS, or make it worthless outside of USA - which is what a lot of services seem to be going like