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Nintendo Officially Reveals Wii U Controllers, Key To Next-Gen Console Gaming

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Nintendo has revealed the final-configuration hardware that'll control its Wii U next-negeration gaming console, the company's great white hope to win the next-gen console game market from Microsoft and Sony. The hardware has been subject to much speculation since it was shown in prototype form as a tablet-like device with game controls around the edge. Now the controller is known to have NFC tag read and write skills, the ability to act as an independent TV remote, gyro sensors, and has more conventional analog stick inputs—much like its competition. Nintendo is hoping to gain the sort of sales popularity that it saw with its original Wii gaming device, which has long since ceded dominance to its traditional competition and the rising threat of casual gaming on devices like the iPhone and iPad—the last two capturing a market which, alone, is predicted to rise to $7.5 billion worldwide by 2015.

Nintendo made the unusual move to tease us with what may be the most innovative part of its Wii U console ahead of its bigger press event at E3 2012 this week.

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  • whatbagley

    This controller won't change anything. If Nintendo wants to be taken seriously they need to put their focus back on creating great games. That was the Wii's downfall. My Wii sat in my closet for years until Xenoblade came out earlier this year, which is it's only good game.

  • Lalexander93

    I disagree, I actually think that the games they make are geared towards kids because my daughter loves the Super Mario series and I am totally addicted to the Metroid franchise I don't play a whole lot else. I do prefer PS3+games because they are more grown up and I guess cooler:)

  • Joseph Trees

    You need to play Skyward Sword. One of the best games of all time. But yeah I'll admit the Wii really lacked in games, but that wasn't necessarily Nintendo's fault. A lot of developers used the Wii as an excuse to create lame party games. Hopefully that'll change with the WiiU