Proof That Pinterest Drives Sales, And Its Fans Spend Big

Pinterest users not only buy the products they pin, but spend more on average than their Facebook counterparts, according to new data from Shopify.

Pinterest just picked up a cool $100 million in funding led by Japanese online shopping giant Rakuten, placing its value in the region of $1.5 billion. That's huge—bigger than Instagram—but perhaps justified if the Pinteresting effect is reverberating through e-commerce sites. Here's some proof that it is: Shopify, which supplies the e-commerce back end to 25,000 online stores, asked its partners whether Pinterest users are buying anything. The results are impressive.

Pinterest is now the third biggest referral source to Shopify's partner sites after Facebook, and on par with Twitter.

Pinterest users shop big—the average price tag is double that of a buy from a Facebook user.


Visits from the social network have jumped 145% since January this year, and, as a source of revenue for stores Pinterest now contributes 17% of social media traffic—up from 1% in Q2 last year.


There are more tidbits on Shopify's full infographic.

[Image: Shopify]

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  • Gordon Elgart

    For me, Pinterest drives my own sales because if I pin something and get a significant number of likes and repins, I know it's something I should buy. 

    My fiancee just pinned an idea for our wedding colors and got several hundred likes and repins. So those are probably going to be our colors.It's getting feedback on your purchase in advance that can clinch a purchase. And I don't even necessarily click through Pinterest when I buy.

  • Anita Loomba

    The next step would be to develop some sort of an analytics dashboard for businesses. Pinterest is lacking in this area.

  • Austin James

    Analytics would be incredibly helpful, but may lead to increased pressure to monetize the side through advertisements and sponsored pins - detracting from the elegance of user-powered visuals. 

  • NoahRobischon

    That is a great idea. Although they could partner with Chartbeat, which is developing some shopping dashboards already.