9 Simple Productivity Tips You Can Do Right Now

It's Friday. It's your last shot to clear off your to-do list so it won't dog you through the weekend. And our friends over at personal-assistants-for-all startup Fancy Hands (which we tried out last year, profiled in March, and which comes with a personal recommendation from Redditor-in-chief Alexis Ohanian himself), want to remind you that YOU CAN DO IT, with this pretty, pastel productivity infographic by Yumi Sakugawa. 

Our favorite tip? Create a giant wall calendar of Xs for tasks you need to do every day—an idea we first heard from Jerry Seinfeld. Check it out below, and then head over to Fancy Hands' Tumblr for more inspiration. 

[Infographic via Fancy Hands]

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  • Marc Posch

    I love this. What I do also is crating lists, breaking down task into multiple pieces to make them "digestible", and then work my way through. A big incentive then is to see a series of big bold Xs at the end of day. Job done.

  • HailleyGriffis

    Loving the "focus on three tasks a day" as well as "get your most important task finished first thing in the morning"! 

  • Scott Allison

    Focus on a small number of items is the key. By forcing yourself to identify your top priorities you make sure you're working on what matters. That's why we built Teamly: http://teamly.com