If You're Not Making Mistakes, You're Not Pushing Hard Enough

Patti Hart, CEO of International Game Technology, says that all too often, executives try to avoid making mistakes. That is a mistake.

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  • Kevin Melahn

    Ms Hart has certainly made mistakes in her three year reign of error at IGT, so she knows her subject well. Firing most of the experienced staff and draining the company's institutional memory, hiring losers from other industries who never attempt to learn about the gaming business, driving employee morale to the company's lowest level - yes, Ms Hart knows about making mistakes, but little about learning from them. She has surrounded herself with doting stooges, so it is unclear how her mistakes are communicated to her. Maybe she thinks she hasn't fired enough people, hired enough C suite nitwits, or maybe she just reads the stock price over the last two years to understand "that mistakes were made". By someone.