Think Twice Before You Apply to Business School

Christy Tanner, EVP and general manager of TV Guide Digital, says if she had to do it over again, she might not get that MBA. Here's why.

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  • bryan franklin

    As someone who is often in the important decision making meetings at the highest level - the MBA (and any other degree) has less and less weight when making key decisions.  Not only that, but MBAs are often trusted LESS not MORE to be a part of key decisions.  They are often thought of as the analysts who work to justify the decisions of the real leaders - who's careers are made by their ability to stand and deliver business value.

    The top two reasons for getting an MBA (career advancement and networking) are now pretty much proven to be more directly achieved through other means.  (See michael Ellsberg's book "The Education Of MIllionaires" )

  • Aaron

    The point is that you don't just go after the degree. Its value is worthless without direction. Get out there and perform by making wise choices-good things happen when you do.

  • Jonathan Brewer

    I'm not so sure about this. Being a recent college grad (undergraduate), the expectation is much higher to get that 2nd degree. While previous generations may have been able to move up the corporate ladder just through work experience, it doesn't seem to be as much the case today. Many of the 2nd-tier jobs I've been looking at say MBA preferred or required just to be considered.