A Secret Weapon To Vanquish Email

Kara Nortman, CityGrid Media's SVP of Consumer Businesses, dreads email. Unlike some of us, she has an effective strategy for dealing with the inbox before it becomes an avalanche of unanswered action items.

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  • Jaco du Plessis

    Seriously, I just forwarded this headline from my phone rss feed to my email because your headline made it sound like you had something worthwhile to say. And the secret weapon is to respond to all at the end of the day! What a joke.

  • David Lavenda

    reading everything at night doesn't work for me because I work in a global organization - by the time I come in in the morning, the mailbox is full again. Also, there is no way I can actually handle all the email I get in one day. There has to be a better way. The three traditional ways are filtering, delegation, and prioritization - I talk about some of these topics on another FC post - here 
    http://www.fastcompany.com/182.... Also, check out this presentation for dealing with distractions in general - 

  • Tim Bilbro

    So, the "Secret Weapon" to vanquish email is to just read and respond to all of it? Really?