Pulpop: An Eco-Friendly Speaker Made From Old Apple Computer Packaging

Photo by dan saelinger

" 'What is this?' is the first question we get," says Balance Wu, director of Balance Wu Design. That's reasonable. The Pulpop, as it's called, looks nothing like an audio speaker--but that's what it is. Wu and design partner Chin Yang took inspiration from the recycled pulp packaging used for Apple computers, but they needed to overcome a serious flaw in their eco-friendly plan: Sound doesn't carry well through pulpy paper. The hollow loop was their solution. It provides a concentrated mass of surface area for sound to reverberate through, blasting out audio with unexpected potency. (Sound originates from a small bit of electronics in the base.) The material is well designed for the afterlife, too: With 75% of discarded household electronics destined for landfills, this speaker's shell will biodegrade easily. ($56, mollaspace.com)

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