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Three Tricks To Dress Up Your iPhone Photos

As smartphones (and their apps) become increasingly sophisticated, point-and-shoot cameras are no longer a shutterbug's best friend. And with new technology comes new obsessive tricks—like these from Adam Bronkhorst's new book, SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures With Smartphones and Apps.

1. Fake a better lens: The lens on the iPhone is only 5 mm wide, compared with 10 times that on a DSLR. With no optical zoom, blowing up photos means quickly degrading the image quality. Apps like AutoStitch and Pano allow you to piece together panoramic shots.

2. Lighten up: Your phone's built-in flash likely turns your subject into an overexposed paste face. Cover the flash with paper to soften the effect, or cast a different color: The Hipstamatic app can change the flash to any color of the rainbow.

3. Tilt it: For a more mature- looking trick, try the app TiltShift. When shot from above, the subject of the image appears in razor-sharp focus, while its surroundings appear soft, out of focus, and slightly blurred.

illustrations by peter sucheski

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