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StumbleUpon Wants To Buy You Dinner

StumbleUpon is offering to cover the bill for your next dinner party, as long as you use their site to find the recipes.

Throwing a dinner party? Get in touch with StumbleUpon first—they might just bankroll it for you.

StumbleUpon, one of the earliest content discovery engines on the web, has announced a promotion to pay for selected users' dinner parties, as long as the recipes were found using their site (StumbleUpon says they can verify this, so no cheating). The idea is to show that StumbleUpon can be used for more than just fun or inspiration; it can also be a source of practical knowledge, albeit one still driven by serendipity.

"We wanted to show how people can use StumbleUpon in more interesting ways than maybe one would think," said Currin Berdine, StumbleUpon’s head of Community Management and User Support. "A lot of people come to StumbleUpon to look at really amazing photographs or to watch really hilarious videos. But we wanted to keep this a little bit more for real-world activities. And everybody has to eat, so we figured we’d bring people together around the dinner table."

In a blog post, Berdine describes her own "StumbleUpon Dinner Party" and shows fellow Stumblers how to plan one themselves. To locate recipes, users are invited to type in a desired ingredient or dish into the site's "Explore" field to find targeted results. That way, they won’t have to sit through pages of sleepy animals and custom heavy metal fonts just to learn how to make stuffed mushrooms.

Berdine’s team is still gauging interest for the promotion, so there’s no due date or cutoff for submissions yet. If you want to increase your chances of winning, Berdine suggests picking a theme and getting creative.

"We want to see a level of enthusiasm for getting together with your friends, and for using StumbleUpon in a creative way."

This isn't the first "real-life" promotion for StumbleUpon. For Valentine's Day, they awarded "dream dates" to couples whose Stumble habits were either especially alike or complete opposites.

[Image: The Library Of Congress on Flickr]

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  • Athenaayden

    OMG how do I enter?? My family and I would love this! I love Stumbleupon recipes!

  • Samantha Young

    I definitely just did pretty much an entire thanksgiving dinner this way. All of my appetizers, desserts, and most of the main dishes were from recipes I found through Stumbleupon. I am also quite interested in more details.

  • Kevin Van

    I actually get most of my cooking ideas from recipes I find on StumbleUpon! I have a bookmark folder on my browser dedicated to delicious recipes I stumbleupon haha. Where do I sign up?!

  • Mary Mazzullo

    This is SO perfect for me. I love to cook and entertain.
    I love Internet Marketing, I am a photographer, I am an ordained Pastor and have a Beach Wedding Service, 
    My current project is a local TV Show, where my focus is featuring locally owned and operated business.  Promoting local.  Mo ONE sponsor (and I NEED more) is a 50 year old Food and Paper Products distributor, family owned , nicest people in the world. They sponsor me to feature the chefs of all of the restaurants that we supply, so I have a cooking segment for each show. 
    I ALSO am featuring an Internet Marketer with each show, opening up the viewers to larger possibilities of opportunities to expand income streams and knowledge.
    Stu McLaren sent this article to me (through a FB post, and it jumped out at me.
    A second Sponsor coming on board soon is a large family owned Appliance Store, where for 2 years I shot my Public Access Cooking Shows.  They seat 24 in their Demo Kitchen.
    I would LOVE to buy product form one Sponsor, shoot it at the OTHER sponsor's kitchen, and tape the whole event.  I would feature it as a half hour segment - one entire show. 
    THIS WOULD BE PERFECT - in letting people know that Internet Marketing CAN be personal .  It is a message I want to send.

    And I would invite influential people in my small town to be the guests.  They will help spread the word about my new show that will soon air for the firs time - and it will be AWESOME !!

    PICK ME!!!  Let's work together to showcase how the Internet CAN work, promote local businesses and help make our world a little smaller and a little more happy.

    Mary Mazzullo
    Salisbury, MD.