Chic, Eco-Friendly Designs Abound At London's Alternative Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week may think it's fashion-forward, but real risk taking is displayed this month at Alternative Fashion Week in London. The designs there are bold--and the materials sustainable. Here are two Alt Fashion Week alumni's varied approaches to eco-friendly style.

Wilfried Pletzinger

1 The body of the coat, originally from the ’80s, gives the skirt its shape.

2 The jacket collar, of a recycled oversize polyester sports jacket, doubles as the skirt’s high-rise waistband.

3 The Berlin designer used an old knitted jacket to create this open-back top. See ya later, sleeves and shoulder pads.

Hayley Trezise

4 Considered a nonseasonal designer, Trezise's "Coatagan" features pieces of an old tweed coat along the trim.

5 Buttons made from South American nuts are different shapes and sizes, adding play to the look's functionality.

6 An understated gray dress was born out of men’s sweaters, collected from thrift shops in the U.K.


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