Read Fast Company Magazine On Your iPad

Fast Company is available to read on your iPad.

Each issue of Fast Company is available on the iTunes App Store and Newsstand. This is first and foremost a way to read the complete magazine on your iPad, but it also includes video, sound, and interactive features that are unique to the digital version.

Downloading the app is free. Once you've got the library app, single issues of the iPad edition can be purchased for $4.99, and a one-year subscription is $12.99. If you are already a subscriber to the print edition, download the free app and sign in using your account information to gain access to the digital version.

Start by downloading the app on the iTunes Store.

Looking to read Fast Company on another device?

The Kindle Edition of Fast Company is available in the Kindle Store.

The NOOK Magazine edition of Fast Company is available in the NOOK Store.

You can also read Fast Company via 

Google Currents

And we've created a customized browsing experience for Flipboard readers.

Is there another platform you'd like to read Fast Company on? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • John DuPont

    Would love to see this for both the full and RT versions of Windows 8.1. Windows tablets like the Surface and the Dell Venue are gaining in popularity so it would be great to see a progressive company like yours support this platform.

  • Lindley Karstens

    When I subscribed to the hard copy The ad said it included the electronic version. That doesn't seem to be working unless I want to pay for each digital version at the App Store... And there's no $12.99 annual option. Disappointing because I love the magazine but buying it over and over is annoying

  • cdg

    Can one clip an entire article and save it as a pdf to say, Goodreader, for future reference?

  • tommy pesavento


    Since the iPad version of Fast Co. is free for print subscribers, shouldn't the NOOK and Kindle e-reader versions be free for print subscribers as well? I know it's only $1.99 per month as it stands, but as an existing subscriber, well, you know. Love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    Whether in print or electronic though, thanks for a great read every month.


  • john

    Web OS but  Android Ice Cream Sandwich should be mainstream in about a month on the Touchpad.

  • joeyzr

    It doesn't work. First, there was the log-in bug affecting current print subscribers. Now, I can log-in, but still cannot download the print issue i have already received by mail.

    Are y'all even aware of this bug? I haven't seen any acknowledgment of it or mention on your website or the App Store.

    This is a pitiful start on the App Store and Newsstand. I'm seriously regretting my decision to subscribe to the print edition. I wish I had just gone through Apple to subscribe and avoided this whole mess.

    Please, please, please. Fix. This.

  • NoahRobischon

    Sorry you are having problems, the bugs have been fixed. You should contact customer service: or 800-542-6029. 

  • Cenk

    BTW, Kindle edition is not available in Australia, what are the options for Australians?

  • NoahRobischon

    Australians can get the digital edition via iPad or Nook. I'm not sure why it's not available via Kindle, but will reach out to Amazon and find out.

  • NoahRobischon

     The app was developed on a platform that is Android compatible. We just aren't in the Marketplace yet, hopefully soon.

  • Nicolas B

    You can't honestly compare the features of Google currents with the new iPad app! Currents is way behind!
    So I take it you have no plans to bring a similar experience on Android... that's too bad. Looking at "Joe Zeff Design" website, it really looks like they are only focusing on iOS... I don't think Fast Company should have picked them to develop the app then...

  • Andrew Novak

    I use Zinio for all of my digital magazine subscriptions. It would be great if I could get Fast Company through that service.