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Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Lives On In Spite of Doping Allegations

Photo by Damian Dovarganes/AP photo

In our November 2010 cover story, we questioned whether doping allegations against Lance Armstrong would tarnish not only the seven-time Tour de France winner but also his foundation, Livestrong ("Can Livestrong Survive Lance?"). Now a blemished Livestrong is looking less likely: Federal prosecutors announced in early February they had closed the investigation into Armstrong's possible drug use. Doping itself isn't a crime in the U.S., but fraud, drug trafficking, and conspiracy are; the investigation looked into whether the U.S. Postal Service team was using sponsorship money to buy performance-enhancing drugs. This news relieves the organization of the burden of what Livestrong chief of staff Morgan Binswanger called a "time-sucking" investigation.

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