Cellhelmet, The iPhone Case Guaranteed To Protect Your Phone

What if you could buy a protective case for your iPhone 4/4S that not only looked great, but also came with a guarantee that would cover repairs and replacement? The folks at cellhelmet.com are looking to Kickstarter to offer what they claim will be the world’s first and only case to do just that.

Designing a protective case for an iPhone is no small feat. It has to be the perfect blend of form and function, shielding the phone from damage while also being sleek enough to show off the phone’s design. 

cellhelmet.com has partnered with Global Warranty Group, the insurance administrator, to create "cellhelmet," a case for the iPhone 4/4S that includes one full year of guaranteed accidental damage insurance for the device which covers pretty much everything under the sun except water damage (so just be sure to stay away from swimming pools and bathtubs). 

"The case was designed from the ground up to be as sleek as possible so you can still tell it’s an iPhone and not an autobot" says Mike Kane, CEO and co-founder of cellhelmet.com "You'll also appreciate the fact that you have full access to every port and button, without having to remove the case."

Unlike most other options currently available on the market, cellhelmet’s insurance protection also covers new, used, unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4/4S's...great news if you’re looking to pick up a gently worn iPhone of your own. 

Will cellhelmet put an end to those annoying monthly insurance premiums from your friendly neighborhood cellphone provider? With just over 30 days to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the folks at cellhelmet.com have already raised more than $8,000 of their $10,000 goal and are well on their way to going into production in early March at a facility in Latrobe, Pa., just a stone’s throw from their headquarters. 

Find Shawn at shawngraham.me or continue the conversation on Twitter.

[image: cellhelmet.com]


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  • Lindsy Thomas

    Awesome idea! Perfect for people like me that just can't keep a hold of their phones... Does one exist for the iPad?

  • Shawn Graham

    Thanks for the comment, Lindsy. I haven't seen one for the iPad but if their model works, I'm sure that won't be far behind.

  • Xavier Nolasco

    I like how it's manufactured here in the U.S., not many cell phone accessory makers can say that!

  • Shawn Graham

    @Xavier - not only in the U.S., but just about 20 minutes from their headquarters. Doesn't get much closer than that.

  • Kat

    Definitely a good idea... I'm sold with the fact that you FINALLY can get insurance on a USED and JAILBROKEN phone!  Plus, you get a case with this insurance too!

  • Shawn Graham

    @Kat - it's definitely appealing for a market that continues to grow. Every time a new version comes out, that means there will be a ton of folks who are looking for a way to protect their gently used iPhone.

  • Alex Hall

    Such a smart idea, with the price of phone insurance going up and up and the cost of an Iphone increasing, I dont see why anyone would not want this product.

  • Shawn Graham

    @Alex - their model definitely gives you piece of mind. If you don't damage the phone, you're only out the cost of the case. If you submit a claim, you're looking at an additional $50.

  • michael fairbank

    Very innovative and functional product. I'm looking forward to getting my case and hopefully more products in the future for my other tech gadgets.

  • Shawn Graham

    Thanks, Michael. You'll have to leave a follow up comment once you receive the case.

  • Chad

    I don't have insurance on my iPhone. I guess this makes sense if I'm getting a case out of the deal also.

  • Shawn Graham

    Thanks for the comment, Tom. Much appreciated. I'm glad you liked the post.

  • Kyle McCurdy

    I pledged money on kickstarter after finding out about the case on reddit.com, it's cool to see how much exposure it is getting on various sites. I really hope more people read up on it because it seems like a great alternative to expensive insurance plans.

  • Peter artuso

    i have been fallowing this from the start and i can say that this is a brilliant idea plus the case looks good. im getting the special kickstart edition its going to look sick.

  • Jason Sanders

    This is one of the only options for those with used and "jailbroken" iPhones. It's also interesting because many people don't want to jailbreak their iPhones due to losing their insurance privileges. I'll be interested to see where this project goes in the future.