Facebook's New... Newsrooms?

Over the weekend, Facebook quietly registered a series of "newsroom" domains. Could a new journalism project be next for the social media giant?

On Sunday, Facebook quietly registered a series of "Facebook Newsroom" domains—a move that seems to signal that Facebook's entering the media content game in a new way. Three domains were registered, according to Fusible, facebook-newsroom.com, facebook-newsroom.org, and facebook-newsroom.net. Facebook is listed on Whois.com as the registrant, administrative contact, and technical contact for all three.

The Facebook Newsroom project looks like it could be similar to another Facebook project: Facebook Studio (facebook-studio.com) is a community for advertisers and marketers that already has more than 400,000 participants and observers.

Several other domains were also purchased by Facebook last week. Facebook purchased timelinemoviemaker.com, timelinemoviemaker.net, and timelinemoviemaker.org. In addition, fborigin.com and fborigin.net were also purchased by the social media giant.

The last official corporate communication from Facebook was last week's massive Timeline app blitz.

Update: According to a media representative for Facebook, the new domains are "related to an upgrade of Facebook's press room." It is important to note that Facebook is widely expected to announce an IPO in 2012.

[Image: Fusible]

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    It would not be surprising Digg has done it with great results and the Hufftington post with its beta version on social integrated media has made fabulous results, rumor is that google will also try to embed its news.google at it.