Remain Diligent: SOPA And PIPA Must Be Squashed, Not Changed

As members of both the Senate and the House start falling back to a more defensible position by considering the removal of the DNS provision from SOPA and PIPA, many voices of opposition to the bills are claiming victory. This is a big mistake.


As with most news that's intended to avoid as much publicity as possible, many members of Congress announced on a Friday that they were considering the removal of key provisions from the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) after public outcry continued to swell. They selected the Friday prior to a blackout planned for January 18 on social news site Reddit and several other prominent websites to get the word out to those paying close attention while limiting the display of weakness the move represents to those who aren't as familiar with the battle.

If the hope was to quell the protests and make SOPA and PIPA easier pills to swallow, it doesn't seem to be working yet. Nobody on the list has withdrawn their intentions to go black and more are being encouraged to join the fight.

"These bills need to be killed altogether," said Corynne McSherry, the intellectual property director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "Our view all along has been they are not fixable."

Whether the DNS provision is truly removed or not (and Techdirt is quick to point out that it's not a done deal) doesn't matter. This should be nothing more than a further rallying call. It's not a victory. It's an attempted pacification of the outrage that is being directed at Congress, one that should be dealt with more harshly than if they kept it intact.

The biggest challenge for those who oppose SOPA/PIPA is the lack of public knowledge. Despite a perceived groundswell of opposition against them, the reality is that the majority of Americans still have no idea what SOPA is or what it means. The Internet and social media in particular are powerful but without the attention of mainstream media, particularly those in Hollywood and New York City who support the bill by default, this is still too small of an issue for most to take notice.

January 18th can be a day that exposes more Americans to the disaster that SOPA will become if passed. On that day, as many Americans as possible must visit a site that goes black and they must be prompted to ask why. The message must reach the true masses, not just those visiting Reddit, GOOD, Mozilla, and other prominent sites.

As great as it is that these sites have taken a leadership role and are willing to charge forward with the protest (losing revenue as a result), others must be encouraged. Without the unified declaration of solidarity against SOPA, we are still facing a major uphill battle. If anything, the change of the DNS provision represents a greater likelihood that it will pass.

It cannot. It must not.

If you're a website owner, here's an easy way to join the SOPA blackout.

If you want to help by encouraging other major websites to join the cause, ask them to do so here.

This is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever introduced in Washington. It will not only strip us of many of the freedoms (and websites) that we currently hold dear, but will also set a precedent that the U.S. Government controls the Internet. We've seen what has happened in the Middle East and Asia when governments meddle with the Internet. It cannot happen here.

It must not.


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  • lwsmith10011

    If PIPA and SOPA are applied only to non-USA domains, why shouldn't it be enforced for only USA owned companies? In other words why should USA internet companies work for UK, French, and Japanese corporations to enforce their ownership rights?

    EMI – owned by EMI Group, a UK Corporation
    Sony Music Entertainment — owned by Sony, a Japanese Corporation
    Universal Music Group — owned by Vivendi, a French Corporation
    Warner Music Group owned by Access Industries,  a USA Corporation

  • Fred Durst

    John Lake is clearly ignorant and lacking intelligence, and nobody you should respect the opinion of.  A successful and intelligent person does not take the time to troll blogs and act like a 12 year old playground brat just to get kicks.  Seems to be someone who was upset with his marks in Writing 101 more than anything.  A person who has no argument for what he says other than his opinion mixed with slander and defamation.  Claiming someone is on welfare because they don't understand what they are seeing because their own ambitions would be to just type certain types of material and do nothing else that they aren't told do to by an employer or institution or put their own time into running a legitimate web site and do the actual work of learning the infrastructure of today's web based technology and marketing speaks for itself.  You would expect people to at least understand the difference between a personal opinion and an accomplished, reliable, and informative source of information, but the unaccomplished are addicted to failure and want to find people to join them and can't figure out any intelligent way to "accomplish" their goals.

    on Remain Diligent: SOPA and PIPA Must Be Squashed, Not Changed 18 hours ago
    know you are a blogger...and a bad one at no one expects
    intelligence from you. But little boys shouldn't try to use words that
    they heard their mommies and daddies use while they are living in their
    basements. You must make sure you understand the words if you try to use
    them. Otherwise you look even more ignorant than usual.QUASHED.Unless you think they are going to take the actual bill in its paper form, and step on it.Seriously there ANYTHING that you are good at? Well...I guess that is why you are on welfare and don't have a REAL job.

    on Louis C.K.: The Next Steve Jobs Will Be A Chick last month
    How can a woman deny their her child is hers like that piece of shit Steve Jobs did?

    on Google+ Is Game Makers' Facebook Hedge 5 months ago
    is SO ridiculous that anyone who actually received money writing about
    tech would compare Google's 1 month to 25 million with Facebook's 3
    years.Hey worthless blog writer (which means not a real writer) 
    The first generation Zune sold WAY more units in its first week on the
    market than the first generation iPod.  I wonder why. Gee...maybe
    because it was an ESTABLISHED market comapred to a brand new company
    entering a new market...only open to college addresses.Why do
    you talk about how it took just 4 1/2 weeks to get to 25 million
    users...but in the last 3 weeks, they have signed up less than 5 million
    more.  And the invite system would guarantee that if the demand for
    invites was really there, sign ups would increase EXPONENTIALLY.  (Every
    one of those 25 million users could invite 150 people.  So even if they
    got just TWO friends to sign up, Google+ should have 75 million users
    by now, rather than just 29.  (And in reality, only about 1 or 2 million
    ACTUAL users.)ost people are reporting on mesage boards that virtually every invite they have sent out has been ignored by the recipients.

    on Google+ Is Game Makers' Facebook Hedge 5 months ago
    is pretty clear to anyone actually paying attention rahter than
    dreaming of sergey and Larry naked that there is NO growth at Google+
    anymore.  It is getting smaller with each day.Why did they develop for Google+?  Because it didn't cost much to port their games to Google+ so there was not much to lose.

    on Google's Success May Mark The End Of Everything Else 6 months ago
    favorite part is how you just claim that all these will "pick up steam"
    as if you are some kind of expert rather than a virgin living in your
    mommy's basement with ZERO knowledge of the industry (as you so clearly
    are)Just a case in point...Gmail is BY far the biggest Google service other than
     And less than 1 out of ever 5 people on the internet have one.  Let's
    put it this way...if EVERY single person with a Google account signed up
    for Google+ (which sure as fuck is not going to happen), they would
    still have less than 1/4 as many users as Facebook.  And no..this is not
    changing.  Like I said...Google+'s pageviews are laughable and
    Facebook's traffic has not dropped AT ALL.  Not even
    0.000000000000000000001% (the same percentage as the amount of brain you
    use) in the last month since Google+ started.  NO ONE is leaving
    Facebook for Google+.I bet you are so laughable clueless that
    you posted a blog (can't say article because that would imply actual
    journalism, and writing skills) about how PayPal's days were numbered.
     And how YouTube better watch out for that upstart Google Video.The
    fact of the matter is, NO ONE at Google thinks that Google+ will ever
    come anywhere NEAR Facebook.  Larry Page himself would laugh at you like
    women laugh at you when you ask them out for even suggesting that that
    is possible.  Google fears Facebook FAR more than Facebook fears Google,
    and rightfully so.  By the end of that 18 months, Google will be the #2
    site on the internet.  Check the trends.  It will happen much soon than
    that actually.

    on Google's Success May Mark The End Of Everything Else 6 months ago
    are a LOT of delusional people who call themselves "bloggers" when in
    reality they are just unemployed writers.  But it is possible hat this
    is THE most delusional article ever.What is this success that
    you talk about?  Google+ sure as fuck is not a success unless you
    consider 1.2 page views per user per day a success.  (Since you are
    probably not smart enough to understand what that means a lot
    of people are signing up and never coming back, which would explain the
    HUGE number of blank profiles.)  Google has NEVER successfully taken down an established market leader...EVER.  I
    just really don't understand what reality you live in.  I realize that
    the real world is very unkind to you.  You make no money, so you get no
    women (after all, "Hey welfare check just came...wanna help me
    spend it on the dollar menu?" does not get women hot.) Bu creating some
    fantasyland universe where your life is great is NOT the way to stave
    off suicide.

    on Taming the Google+ Privacy Concerns 6 months ago
    of all, this infographic is bullshit with the claim of 1 billion daily
    shares.  It is not even close to that is it was shown that they had less
    than 18 million page views just a week ago.  Second, this is
    ridiculous.  None of these tips to maintain privacy are ANY easier than
    the same tips you would give or Facebook.  There are no hoops to go
    through.  Maybe lots of stupid people still like to make that claim, but
    there is nothing hard to figure out about going to the privacy page of
    Facebook and choose Friends Only or Friends of Friends, etc. for each

    on Don't Look Now, but Your Social Relationships Have Changed--Again last year
    Francine Hardaway THAT much of a social outcast that she thinks that
    everyone wants to be like her, or IS like her? The VAST majority of
    cell phone users do NOT have smart phones. Hence, they are still very
    much the exception.But I guess when you are a blog writer (as
    opposed to a REAL journalist) you don't have to have any writing skills.
    Or intelligence.

  • John Lake

    jd..I know you are a blogger...and a bad one at no one expects intelligence from you. But little boys shouldn't try to use words that they heard their mommies and daddies use while they are living in their basements. You must make sure you understand the words if you try to use them. Otherwise you look even more ignorant than usual.


    Unless you think they are going to take the actual bill in its paper form, and step on it.

    Seriously there ANYTHING that you are good at? Well...I guess that is why you are on welfare and don't have a REAL job.

  • Byron Hathaway

    One strategy I've not yet read or heard about is; will "Anonymous" blackout the sites of companies that support SOPA/PIPA offering them a foretaste of their own medicine. If this were to happen, it might a way to get the major news outlets (owned by sponsors of the bills) to bring the problems in the legislation to the public's attention. 

    I wonder what would happen if this strategy should last for more than a few hours, perhaps as much as the five days leading up to the January 24th, vote.  I also wonder what might happen if the strategy were to go beyond sponsors of the bill(s) to include implementing "blackouts" of foreign governmental sites that have implemented their own SOPA/PIPA type of laws.

    I'm not advocating this strategy, I'm just observing the fact no one seems to be talking about its possibility.

  • Jeremy

    The title should have been "SOPA and PIPA must be nuked from orbit, only way to be sure"
    and honestly not sure if that would be a legal after SOPA.