Photo Issue 2011: Give Peace A Chance

UC Davis Students

"It was right after Lieutenant Pike sprayed the group of students, they were sitting there, still, some of them clutched each others hands. For a moment time stopped, was this really happening? It was surreal—police in riot gear sprayed a bunch of students who were sitting at UC Davis," said photographer Brian Nguyen. "That day was a moral victory. Even faced with violence, those students responded with, and only with, peace."

("Storytelling 2.0: Cowbird Classes Up Our Communication")

Photo by Brian Nguyen

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  • EMGoldberg84

    This demonstrates one of the great powers and weaknesses of photojournalism. The picture is a slice of time - removing the context of the security staff which had tried unsuccessfully to have the "protesters" leave peacefully. As it was clear that the students were unwilling to obey the lawful orders of the University security officers, even after being warned about the consequences of doing so. Then to minimize injury to themselves and the students, the officers used a noxious but non injurious tool to break up the group.