How Much Of Your Office Does Your Boss Hate?


It's true. We polled five execs across industries, asking: "If you had three months to vet job candidates, how many of your current employees would you have never hired?" (We were inspired by Fashion Draft NYC, a three-month application program that pairs grads with big firms, including Macy's and Gilt Groupe. It ends February 18.)

*Responses ranged from 10% to 35%. Average was 17%.

A version of this article appears in the February 2012 issue of Fast Company.

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  • Greg Link

    Trust is a function of both character AND competence. Managers tend to hire for character and fire for competence.  Work ethic and engagement also only becomes evident over time.  I would expect it to be closer to 25% in most organizations

  • Techy2

    I hardly agree that polling just five execs is enough people to form any concrete opinions.