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How To Lead A Creative Life


How To Lead A Creative Life

By Jason Feifer

Our complete guide to making your inner genius your greatest on-the-job asset.

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Can their creativity win big in the business world?

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How Martin Scorsese risked it all and lived to risk again in Hollywood.

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Think Scorsese is just a director of gangster flicks? Think again.

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  • Shaun McAlister

    Pretty good.. Though as a creative for the last 10+ years that has worked with close to a thousand other professional creatives, you missed a giant one: Smoke some weed. Marijuana. Cannabis. You know, the natural, therapeutic herb that has been powering creativity for around 7,000 years of human existence?

    You managed to put multiple references to drinking on here, but not even one to the thing that MOST creatives do when all this other stuff doesn't work. So, like I said..

    Pretty good. Could be better if that one little thing was included. Do you think the Beatles just sat around drinking? Was it the source of their inspiration to redefine music forever? Or could it have possibly been the drugs, such as marijuana?

    The more that I look at this, the more this picture is just a giant joke to me. Maybe I'll just make my own that actually covers the real steps a creative goes through. And includes weed. ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Shane Moss

    this is kind of shit. atleast the picture anways. all its saying is to lead a creative life i need to follow the chart to a reading some book or some such...and that anything else i EVER strive to do is a waste of time and if i get there should just start over...what a downer guys...seriously

  • deb morrison

    Such wonderful perspective! In research for our book on creative process, Glenn Griffin and I explored many of the same issues with professional creatives: overcoming obstacles (brick wall syndrome), vats of coffee, insecurity, daydreaming, personal + collective idea-making. What we also found: successful ideamakers often become fearless and optimistic in order to solve the problem. Remarkable in its implications.