What It Takes To Get A Job At Google

Dying to work at Google? So, apparently, is everyone else in the world—which is why South African job-search firm JobVine put together this handy infographic on what to expect if you're one of the million people who apply to the search giant each year.

Read on to discover the (daunting) statistics about your competition, the (enticing) details about your potential salary, and to get a jump on the (mind-bending) sample interview questions. Click here to see a larger version

Infographic by JobVine Job Search

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  • karen

    I don't want to work for Google. I know most people want to run to Google because of the money or they want to have 'Google' on their resume as a token of tech world approval...but Google like Microsoft is a place one can get lost in the head. It looks more like a cult than a company.

    Not sure I want to belong to a cult. I also wonder how many of the employees burn out but it would interesting to look into this.