Infographic: All The Genetically Modified Food You're Eating

GMO crops have infiltrated 80% of all the packaged food in the United States, and no one has told you. Here's why.

Genetically modified food is in a store near you today. In fact, it's been there for years. You may not know it, but in all the fracas over genetically modified food, one point is often left out: You've been eating it for a long time and no one has told you. This infographic from Nature's Path—which makes organic cereals, bars, and waffles that contain no GMO ingredients, they'd like you to know—shows where you're getting your genetically modified treats, and why no one has told you:


Many crops are genetically modified so frequently, it's nearly impossible to find non-GMO versions. These modifications usually involve either a seed manufacturer making their seeds genetically resistant to a certain type of weed-killer (that the seed company also conveniently sells—synergy!) or to make plants resistant to certain pests naturally.

You may not know that you're eating these crops—despite the fact that they appear in 80% of all packaged food sold in the country—because the U.S. is one of the few places in the developed world that doesn't require food producers to disclose whether or not their ingredients have any modifications.

If something is labeled "organic" by the USDA, that means it has no GMO crops. The Non-GMO Project is also working on a system for labeling products that aren't genetically enhanced. To be fair, there isn't any science that proves that GMO crops are at all bad for consumption; there also aren't any that confirm that they're safe. For now, we're in the dark. And more and more GMO products—like Monsanto's sneaky, unlabeled sweet corn, the first direct-to-consumer GMO food—are coming to market every day. The full infographic is here:



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  • dianecee

    Can anyone say that these foods even taste good? They have a different texture than real foods. I haven't eaten store bought veggies or fruits in a long time. Now I am seeking my own growing field for my own collection of natural seeds. I've read that transporting foods is one of the reasons GMOs were developed. Well, my suggestion is to grow locally to avoid damaged foods.

  • Mal

    This article was written before the European studies that showed rats developing massive tumors when fed with GMOs for a longer time (only around 180 days) than the ridiculously small trial periods (~ 30 days) that are permitted by malfeasant food authorities that permit toxic GMOs to be fed to unwitting populations.

  • guest

    "no child to date has had blindness prevented by such rice"--YES OF COURSE BECAUSE GOLDEN RICE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. Try to study genetics or molecular biology first before you react on issues like these. Greenpeace followers are environmentalists and they don't fully understand the science behind GMO. And yet they speak as if they have authority and knowledge about this. tsk.

  • Chris Phillips

    What concerns me most is NOT that the actual food will harm us, but that the reasons why GMO are being used at all. To make a crop "safe" from weed killers  etc.  It is totally FALSE  that GMO are helping increase crops. I have read evidence that it does NOT do anything of the kind.  The other main objection is the "controll"  the "manufacturer" has over all....  It is inhuman the way certain companies treat the population.   In any normal civilization if one's crop is ruined by someone else's the one who ruins it should be prosecuted.  In this weird travesty of justice in USA I hear that the one who ruins someone else's crops SUES the one who has suffered!  
    We  need to get away  from the culture of weed killers, pesticides and fertilisers and monoculture  intensive farming before it is too late, and the soil which allows us to grow food is all DEAD.   It takes YEARS  to bring soil back to life with natural organic matter, so that FOOD  crops can live  and feed us. With millions more people  being born we need fertile land, not denuded land.  People forget the one stark fact that OIL is rapidly  running out. it is OIL that mainly supplies us with -  Pesticides, weed killers, and fertilisers. THE ONLY  way that we have a HOPE in hell chance of feeding the world is to return to organic  methods. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY  FORWARD.  I  for one do not want to eat food that is laced with poisons. THANK GOODNESS  I  live in EUROPE where we DO  have the choice.

  • Ronni Blair

    Here is the answer to ALL of your concerns:  GO OFF OF GRAINS ALTOGETHER AND MOST DISEASE CONDITIONS WILL RESOLVE IF THE BODY HAS NOT BE GLYCATED AND DESTROYED TOO MUCH.   Go Paleo--this is the real human diet.  The most serious grain toxic effect is from the new forms of wheat, though the original forms had their problems too.  I've studied for 12 years, resolving a long list of serious illness, from precancerous breast fibroids, severe arthritis, brain fog and depression.  This is the biggest issue in all the history of health and wellness.  All I can say it tell everyone, try it for yourself -- you won't miss them after a week when your pancreas adjusts from constant grain / sugar stress, and will lose all that fat, cure Diabetes II and even reset your genes for wellness. (See the Pottenger's Cat experiments and look into epigenetics )-- NO disease is CAUSED by DNA or genes.  Forgetaboutit. When sugars combine with proteins they glycate--or scar. Make the finer distinctions of sugars, proteins and metabolic processes in the study of Paleo diet and lifestyle.  In fact, we can reset our genes for wellness or sickness--learn the facts. We are ADDICTED TO THESE SUGARS / carbs / starches and once off of them even alcoholism will be seen as nothing more than sugar / carb addiction, especially given the way the pancreas is forcing us to cycle through these 2 hour cravings. It's the sugar / carbs mostly, but also types of proteins, effects on the GI tract, etc. etc.

      Here are a few websites. (and osteoporosis too--my experience and many others), by a former Vegan.'VE ALL BEEN BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE, COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT OF REALITY.  Even Egyptian mummies had atherosclerosis from eating grains--and it was used as money, not to "feed the poor," but to keep the slaves in an obedient brain fog, following politically correct lies, left or right in today's terms. Real non-Babylonian economy was regenerative, not usurous and exploitative in nature. It's in the MIND that we become confused--where do people get the idea that there isn't enough money when the Fed prints it, charging the people interest which can never be paid--a debt usury slave system--just like Babylon. The only freedom we will have is by restoring the American Constituion and the American System of Political economy: http://american_almanac.tripod... We need to know through scholarship and inquiry, not stupid public opinions... especially propaganda about health and disease on Tee Vee--mind control central. Wake up to the Big Hoax of the "us and them" dialectical mind control imposed by the Babylonian Banking usury / oligarchical system. They replicate their "divine right" narcissism among the people and alienate anyone who doesn't go along to get along, buying anything and anyone they want that has sold their soul.  Ignorance, arrogance, the obsession with being right -- rather than truthful and real--are what are killing us.  The world is not overpopulated folks -- depopulation is now being put into effect through this current British monetary financial driver based upon usury, eugenics / genocide (see Black Genocide and other exposes), and war, mind control and channeling of money, "law," and policy. Who is making all this nonsense up?  A bunch of messianic, narcissistic megalomaniacs -- inbred oligarchs.  Oligarchy is obsolete -- we are ALL Sovereign individuals.People who don't eat grains are the early fully awakening wave now able to recognize what is healthy and how grains could be seen as a kind of WMD in plain sight. The next generation will not be able to reproduce if we don't get off of junk food and grains-- And If we don't free our minds from prejudices, negative and limiting beliefs, and big egos, we are our own worst enemy.  Try the Paleo / Primal foods, avoid GMO (note the correlations with grains and toxic oils like canola and soy) and ask yourself, are we victims of a Big Lie perpetrated by this hidden oligarchy? Are grains making us crazy (yes!).  The worst part is that we are made to believe that we should "save the world and kill ourselves--and that is exactly what we are doing.  It all connects. When we wake up to how powerful we really are, and that we can solve virtually ANY problem (when not eating grains and destroying our brains and bodies), EVERYTHING ELSE WILL CHANGE.  Tell everyone, when it finally goes out more broadly that grains are causing all of these various problems, especially wheat -- it will definitely change the course of history, and civilization itself.  I know, I'm a geographer and Health and Wellness coach that has observed very rapid resolution of endless disease conditions.  We are simply addicts--and this is how the oligarchy control us.  If you get off of all these grains / carbs / sugars and starches (and eat delicious paleo foods which you can digest), you won't miss them--let your pancreas heal, and set your spirit free.  IT WORKS! 

  • Nina marrocco

    "Ron Paul 2012"  Please Support Dr. Pauls Campaign money bomb hes already raised 2.5 million dollars in 2 days and guess where a good portion of his support and Donations comes from?! The Military, yes thats right.   together we can turn this country around, "United We Stand"   We CAN do this!!!   Stay safe

  • Nina marrocco

    In reply to Scott S. You bet it is a CRIME! They, the Tyrrants in this country, in this government and Military, if put on trial for there CRIMES it would take YEARS just to admit all the evidence!

  • pete hallett

    jvangiel (below) argues that genetically modified rice with vit A added is good for the poor, since otherwise they will have a inadequate diet. In fact, adding green veggies from their garden (or carrots from their county) to their meals as their parents did is a better source of dietary vit A. Even a vitamin pill is better given cost and potency. You couldn't eat enough vitamin A-doped rice to supply dietary needs, nor is "eat more (of our) rice" a better solution for anyone other than the seed company.

  • joe block

    Just grow your own food. Don't eat anything processed. Get your water from a well. Then let others who don't care to eat the shite. If everyone did it they would go away. They get us with nitrates, sugar, artificial sweetners, MSG, high fructose corn syrup. trans fat, hormones, chemicals, salt, and preservatives. Each time they say they find out the stuff is bad and take it out. So this means they put shit in our food and when they screw people up they take it out. But what they do is call a serving one slice of meat. Then they can say if only a small amount contains the crap they can say it isn't in there, but then what if you eat a pound a day. Look these crooked damn food companies the CEO and the owners are lucky when they walk out of their plants they aren't shot like abortion doctors. You want to know why we're sick? Because like dumb asses we've been eating this shit in a box and paying dearly for it. Quit eating fast food and processed foods. Eat sardines, sunflower seeds. We got sixty million diabetics in this country. It's time just don't eat their shit no matter how it's labeled.

  • Jonathan Geller

    GE or GM crops not only increase production and reduce costs (this is well accepted by all growers which is why production in countries that allow them are upwards of 90% compared to 10% natural despite the added cost of the seeds) but it allows for production in areas that can not possibly sustain non modified crops. Although the GMO push is driven by economic interests, it is GMO crops that is currently decreasing food costs (this mainly impacts the poor but also you) and seems to be what will save the world from starvation. Unfortunately the world was not designed to sustain the growing population we are reaching. 

  • Scott Smith

    Funny how people considered full-disclosure about Genetically Modified Foods in our food supply to be narrow minded!

    Personally, I think a crime has been committed against all Americans when this patented foodstuff was allowed onto the market. It's also being promoted to foreign countries by our pathetic USDA. It's more humanitarian to advocate food self-reliance than have our government trying to sell all these GMO garbage commodity grains to them, poisoning them in the process. Remember boys and girls, the key attribute of GMOs is that they are engineered to withstand being sprayed with weed killer, plus they also delivery bug killer in every bite! That's right! Insecticide is engineered into every cell, saving the farmer from having to spray it on the field, so when an insect eats the plant IT DIES! Insecticide that can't be washed off and it's been fed to every American WITHOUT their knowing about since 1996. I think is stinks.

    Don't believe any of the biotech weenies who claim it's GMO is the same regular corn, soy, sugar, cotton seed oil or canola. It's different enough that each strain has its own patent meaning it's unique in the world! Every GMO presents as a totally unique protein, unlike anything is nature and something complete foreign to our biology. Our body attacks foreign proteins and elicits an allergic response. Ever wonder why there's so many allergy and auto-immune health issues? Consider the fact that GMOs are found in 80% of processed foods! This stuff is a mess and MUST be LABELED immediately.

  • DWRobinson

       Well now there are some problems with your statements as well.  You can't trust everything you read.   Rice with increased Vitamin A is still a pipe dream.  Despite the fact that they have produced rice, such as "Golden Rice" which does have Vitamin A, the amount provided is miniscule, and no child to date has had blindness prevented by such rice.  To get enough Vitamin A from GE rice, an 11 year old child would have to eat 27 bowls of rice to get enough Vitamin A to be helpful.  An adult person cannot safely eat 27 bowls of rice.   The problem there is that we are dealing with poor families who not only can't afford that much rice for an entire family, much less one child.    WHO (World Health Organization) has demonstrated that more then 1.25 million people have been saved through simple Vitamin A supplements distributed at a cost far less the the cost of Rice designed to have Vitamin A in it. WHO has also demonstrated that the most effective approach is to teach farmers in poverty stricken areas to also raise other food such as carrots, and various leafy vegetables to supplement rice, the primary problem of sufficient land remains an obstacle.  Further widespread implementation of such rice is heavily opposed by many scientists due to costs (after all it is a patented product) of seed purchase, distribution costs and the fact that we still come down the basic issue that the poor cannot afford it.   There are also now numerous safety concerns in that there exists a strong potential for GE Vitamin A rices to produce betacarotene/Vitamin A may not metabolize properly and can actually create toxins and/or severe allergies.   Now as to Crop yield issues, despite claims from the corporations producing GMO/GE foods, it would appear that applies only under optimum conditions and in many countries such conditions do not exist, resulting in farmers going bankrupt following total crop failures and losing their land when they cannot pay back loans to purchase the seed and associated chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  To date there is no factual data indication that GMO/GE seed has provided any overall increase in production outside of a few optimum cases.   And there are many more serious concerns and the objections of hundreds if not thousands of world scientists to the rapid untested and unproven spread of GMO/GE crops, and their potential dangers for which no testing has been done.  Many independent (non-industry) tests have indicated serious and probable dangers related to GMO/GE products and much more testing is needed.  The FDA, EPA and USDA have all been forced to cave in to both industry and political pressures, despite the objections of their own scientists.   

    The solution to world hunger is not industrial and chemically driven GE/GMO food but bio-diverse, sustainable agricultural methods combined with scientific methods of soil, water and seed conservation, without the need for chemicals or ongoing seed purchases due to patents.  It also requires land distribution to put land back in the hands of small to medium individual farmers.   
    The bio-tech agenda as it exists is not science but ownership of life through patents, control of and profit off of the entire world food chain, requiring, required chemical use (produced by the same companies) and elimination of all non-gmo/organic foods through cross contamination.  

    There are not millions saved by Vitamin A rice, no increased yields except for a few optimized industrial plots, no reductions in toxic chemical use (quite the opposite really) and no increase in quality of food from the current biotechnology.  This doesn't mean we should stop research, for knowledge is good, but for now, biotech is an immature technology and science about which we know too little and for which we are subjected to being part of a massive world experiment with very uncertain and potentially disastrous outcomes without our approval.   And if you do your research, you will find that is what many of the world's top geneticists and other scientists are also saying.  

  • jvangiel

    Hey, this is a very biased viewpoint. There are other reasons why crops are genetically modified! For example: Rice: to contain nutrients that are not natural to the plant. for example Vitamines (A) and proteins to feed people in developing countries that get only rice. This has avoided milions of childres to get blind.
    Or having crops with higher yield, or crops that can grow in desert land, or biomass without lignine (to facilitate the transformation to biofuels).
    I used to be a fan of this blog, but now I see the second entry which is narrowminded.