Can Night Owls Get The Worm, Too?

I always say one of the steps to success is to wake up early. I am always surprised at the number of people who want to argue with me on this.

"I agree with some other posters regarding the fact that I am an owl, not a lark. I like your suggestions for networking but might I suggest most could be done after hours as well?"

So, let me clarify. Be up well before the people who give you money (customers, clients, fans) and before your competition. If your fans (again, customers and clients) work/give you money during the day, then get up early in the morning. If they give you money at night, well lucky you, you get to sleep in.

"Some people are natural larks (early risers), some natural owls (late risers) and most people fall somewhere in between."

This is not about you. This is about the people who want to give you money for your product or service. They don’t care if you are an owl, a lark or a friggin’ crow.

"All that is easy for a lark to say. Some of us are owls. "

This is about your success.

This is simple math.

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  • diggi

    If I am research scientist and needs to spend long hours in labs, it's better to work late night with minimum disturbances from co-workers in lab so that I can concentrate better and deliver with higher efficiency. Thus I sleep early morning and get up at noon. I am doing great in research. So what's the problem in being a night owl ? I don't have clients nor do I care about money or networks, I care simply for my experiments and research publications !

  • BizzGirl

    I think the more appropriate approach is to figure out what works for you. For owls, a quiet home late at night works as well as a quiet house early in the morning to get things done. And if you send emails, etc.. late night, that even beats out those who send them early in the morning! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If you are more creative in the late afternoon (me) or at night, then go with it. It doesn't really matter any since people have all types of work schedules now.

  • Eric Standlee

    I run a business networking organization and clients for my funding firm are business owners and referral sources are centers of influence of those business owners.
    I get up around 8:30 because I need the energy to network to 10pm some nights.
    For me 8:30 is still early to get back to emails and send introductions before a 9:30 or 10 or 10:30 first appointment for a 1on1 before lunch.
    I might be an aberration.  It is hard to get up early for a 7am meeting being a night owl though.
    But, I get what you are saying. I also find life balance in the day and don't necessarily agree with turning off the computer at 4pm.  I know you didn't say that.  Sometimes inspiration comes at odd hours.  So, when I am not as inspired I take a walk or do something with the kids.  Homeschooling them makes that easier.
    Again, I bet I am odd.

  • Cathy Koch

    Good on you for not backing down! You've certainly stirred up the nest!

    I agree with you completely. I am a natural owl but over time I have made the effort to deliberately change myself to a morning person. It wasn't easy, it took a few weeks to become a habit, but I now get up at 5:30am each morning and start my working day.

    I am a freelance web designer, working out of a home office. Changing my sleeping schedule has had a hugely positive impact upon my working life. By getting up and starting work while the rest of the house is quiet I make a positive start on every day. At 7:30am when my children are getting ready for school, it doesn't matter if they come and stop by my office for a chat, because I've already put in a good couple of hours work and answered all the important emails that came through overnight. I can drive them to school and chat about their coming day without stress because I've already made a good start on my working day and I know what I'm going to work on when I get back to my desk.

    The only word of warning I have, is be careful that you put a stop to your working day at a reasonable hour. Getting up early to start work means that it is easy to work a 15 or more hour day. Don't forget your work/life balance. I switch off my computers at 4pm each day and head out for a long walk with my dog. I walk off the stress from the day and switch off from my work. For anyone who has struggled to find enough hours in the day, you will be amazed just how many hours you can get out of a day by making an early start.

    I am a testament to the fact that you are not ruled by your body clock, you can change, and you will never regret becoming a morning person.

    Enjoy your success!!