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Work Smart: Surviving The Project Plateau

Most ideas never happen because they get abandoned along the way.

Whether you're a lone creative or leading a team in a large organization, everyone can fall victim to the project plateau. It's the moment when the idea that got you excited enough to stay up until 3 a.m. or even quit your day job becomes one monumental to-do list. This is when most ideas, even the great ones, get abandoned. 

You can avoid the project plateau with a little discipline. Start by killing your darlings, and creating short-term reward systems that will keep you engaged in a long-term pursuit.

What "short-circuit" reward systems have you created for yourself?

Scott is the author of the national best-selling book Making Ideas Happen and CEO of Behance, a company that develops products and services for creative industries. Behance's products include the Behance Network, the world's leading platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, and The 99%, a think tank and annual conference focused on leadership and execution in the creative world.

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