Infographic Of The Day: What’s The Most Eco-Friendly Way To Eat A Hot Dog?

Kajsa Westman posted a larky infographic on Frog design’s blog that tries to settle, once and for all, the question that has vexed eco-minded hot-dog connoisseurs since time immemorial: Which is better for the environment, a bun or a fork? [figure=inline-large][caption][Bun for the win! Yay! Wheeee! Hooray!][/caption][/figure] Obviously, the whole thing’s pure guesswork. (Westman calls it a "guesstimation.") But that’s exactly the point. Data for lifecycle assessments is notoriously difficult to track down. As she writes: "It’s next to impossible to locate the hidden toxic traps, logistic nightmares, and energy thieves without expensive testing of the supply chain form start to finish." That’s not to suggest that we should ignore the impact of what we consume. The point is that even if we don’t have every last tool at the ready to weigh products’ environmental credentials, we can use common sense as a guide for shrinking our carbon footprint. Granted, this is bound to be error prone. But the root insight is a good one: Making green decisions shouldn't be daunting, and simply enumerating something like a supply chain can demystify the process. Who uses a fork to eat hot dogs, anyway!?? [Top image by Steven Depolo]

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