7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Managers

Here's how to kick the most common workplace ruts that are dragging down your management style. Hang this poster in the break room at your own risk.

Infographic by Colin Dobrin of Mindflash, reprinted with permission of Mindflash.

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  • Cedricj

    In my surveys of hundreds of leaders over the last  decade on the best/worst boss question the one that comes up again and again about ineffective bosses is

    "He/she is threatened by my strengths"

    My "Kick the Habit" is:  Get over it or get out of managing. You are only as great as your team.

    Inspiring leaders to inspire others

  • David Kaiser, PhD

    This is brilliant, and fun! This could easily be a book, a keynote address, a workshop, so much! I hope to see more of this in the future!

    David Kaiser, PhD
    Time Coach

    "Time to be Extraordinary!"

  • JM Kindle

    Although these 7 tips are "Management 101"...many times, senior managers are due for a refresher course. 
    It's unfortunate that sometimes, we take our (professional) selves too seriously...sometimes developing a "Hitler Complex" that may manifest into the game of "Favortism" which wreaks havoc on the entire team.  Kudos for going back to basics. 

  • Scott McFadden

    Well you got me on #6.  This week I had a conversation where the other individual suggested I didn't listen well to him. This is a great poster and the content should cause us to be honest with ourself, then clean up our own mess. My concern is stifling creativity by not encouraging others to share ideas especially in a group environment. So, I'll print the poster and keep it in my desk as a reminder.  Don't think I'll hang it up in the office. Great stuff. www.cswcorp.com